The cat's out of the bag!

Yes, cats can be trained! If you are looking to teach your cat some basic manners, or just some fun tricks, we can help.

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From basic manners to fun tricks!

Your cat can learn

  • Come when called

  • Go to mat

  • Stay off counters

  • Paw targeting

  • Sit, down, and high five!

Have better vet visits

Do you struggle with getting your cat to the vet or giving meds?

         Teach your cat to:

  • Willingly get in a carrier and ride in a car

  • Accept being handled by medical professionals

  • Allow medication to be administered

  • And more!

Three Cats Playing
Our training sessions are held privately in your own home!
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White Cat

Qualified trainers are here for you!

Our private in-home training provides:

  • No stressing your pet with a new environment

  • One-on-one attention

  • Custom training tailored to your pet

Our professionally certified trainers work with you to create the perfect learning environment for your pet.

Ready to get started?

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